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Syukur Alhamdullillah.

To be outright honest, i do not know LM Datuk Ir Ts Hj Mohd Shaiful nor have i heard of him serving our country for the past 37 years. Obviously, it was my bad, as i never make enough effort to search for Reverts of such calibre in the Armed Forces.

Jazakallahukhair to Dr Ann Wan Seng, for this invitation and for introducing us (GDM & ISUFOM KL) to Datuk. Indeed, few minutes into the sharing session, seemed like we have known Datuk for many years. I must say, its more than meet the eye.

The big take away:
> Journey of Datuk as a revert was memorable
> Journey of his career in the armed forces (Navy) holding a high ranking position was remarkable
> His outright honesty in the Navy world
> His direct answer on controversial questions of the lifestyle of the navy fraternity
> Sharing the significant points of how to be in the armed forces, how to deal with politics and circumstances

For me, the content and outcome was a high level of wisdom plus “now i get it” and “really?” moment. At least Datuk clear the air on many wrong believes of the armed forces, in particular, the Navy.

Congratulations to MACMA KL.

Bro Azhar Soo

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