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Isufom KL Retreat 1.0 (Part 1)

Syukur Alhamdullillah.

ISUFOM KL Retreat (Motivation Mualaf 1.0)
(Part I)

Our ISUFOM KL Retreat started with a welcome speech by our Secretary General, Bro Nizam just right after Zohor prayers & Lunchtime. As it was raining, some of the confirmed participants needed more time to travel to our location. Some need to reschedule towards the evening due to other commitments. Some came in and leave the room for some individual matters to attend to. Its quite normal.

We kick start no matter the situation with a full introduction of ISUFOM KL’s Signature project, IQRA (Islamic & Quranic Digital Library – A work in progress).

We talk about ISUFOM KL background, Management Team, 2022 initiatives and success story and lessons learned programs. Bro Nizam gave us a wonderful introduction and motivation.


Bro Azhar Soo

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