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Isufom KL Retreat 1.0 (Part 5)

Syukur Alhamdullillah.

ISUFOM KL Retreat (Motivation Mualaf 1.0) (Part V)

The highlight of the day, to no one’s surprise as we Malaysians loves authentic Chinese Muslim Food (Halal), was the Dinner, by one of the most profound Chef in Malaysia, Chef Amann Teoh @ C.A.T Da’wah Through Food. My true companion, my brother.

The crowd just got bigger at he Surau An Nur and other participants starts to arrive. Not only to taste and try delicious food, but to reinforce the evening event and the final activity, Appreciation & Recognition.

Menu of the Day:
1.) Fried Spring Rolls
Supreme Chicken
2.) Authentic Nyonya Assam Fish fillet
3.) Mixed vege
4.) Steam rice
5.) Rose syrup
6.) Tea o ( Lipton tea bag )

Bro Azhar Soo

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