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Launching of a book titled “Hikmah Toleransi – Falsafah Kepemurahan & Keamanan

Syukur Alhamdullillah.

Program: Launching of a book titled “Hikmah Toleransi – Falsafah Kepemurahan & Keamanan – Written by the late President Gus Dur : Abdurrahman Wahid (Indonesia) and Daisaku Iseda (Founder Soka Gakkai). Officiated by Rector of IIUM (Prof. Tan Sri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak), DRA Zannuba Arifah Chafsoh Rahman Wahid (Daughter of the late President Gus Dur). Organized by INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ISLAMIC THOUGHT AND CIVILISATION (ISTAC-IIUM) & Soka Gakkai Malaysia.

My first visit to ISTAC-IIUM and already the Architecture & Interior Design was so eye catching and attractive, a Church like environment & with british colonial design. A masjid named Zabedah was just right next to the main hall. Very convenient for Muslims.

My personal take on the launching of the book:

The formulae or the antitode towards a Tolerant & Wisdom Society (By virtue of adopting & adapting Buddhist or/and Islam) will be :

*Internalize & Reinforce our own religion FIRST, before Empowering/Preaching To Others*

We need to FIRST strengthen, empower, embrace & invite people to our religion by using the best values of our own faith from/within ourself and our own kind through educating & reminding ourselves no matter who/where we are, let us become a loyal & good practitioner using only the real & right secured ways & methods.

Only when these are done right, we move on to the next phase of improving, enhancing and enriching others to become a better human first, then a better religious practioner.

Because if you cant solve, manage and handle your domestic challenges and market your values, then how will you be able to solve other peoples faith and external beliefs.

Also practice listening first before speaking. Try understanding first before condemning. Try solving rather than creating problems. Try practicing before preaching.

Because superiority of a religion, is not measured by the numbers of followers, instead its measured by numbers of values fully utilized to help mankind find peace & harmony as intended by the Creator.

In Sha Allah, then Wisdom & Tolerance can integrate, inherit and in peace.

  • Bro Azhar Soo

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