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HQ & IQRA (Islamic & Quranic Digital Library)

During the recent inaugural meeting with MyFundAction CEO & COO, ISUFOM was tasked to prepare the Islamic Quranic Digital Library iQRA’s catalyst charity project for ISUFOM.

A catalyst for the next phase of STEM (Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) development to increase the competitiveness among the community in the digital economy world A step forward towards an Islamic content and featured a library of multiple religious journals, books and information

iQRA Proposed Components overall

Proposed Components:

  • Infrastructure designed to encourage face to face discussions, sharing sessions and cross-discipline engagements.
  • Brainstorm Cube
  • Function Rooms
  • Café/Restaurant
  • Quiet Rooms

iQRA Facilities


  • Free access 24hrs / 365 days
  • 24 hours security / CCTV
  • Free WiFi (
  • Free access to Islamic ebooks (on-site)
  • Fully air-conditioned


  • Cafeteria
  • Discussion room
  • Community Hall
  • Free Parking (Depending on Location)


  • Land
  • Building
  • Amenities
  • Parks

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