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Majlis Bersama Saudara Baru Profesional 2024


Syukur Alhamdullillah.

Remember the poem *Too many cook spoil the soup?*

Well, that was popular some time ago. What if you put each chef to prepare own signature menu and put them all together? Sounds more convincing & promising. Let me explain.

Together with ISUFOM KL’s Vice President II, Bro Aiman Chua, we attended PERKIM IDIPKL’s event called Saudara Baru Profesional with intention to form a Club for Mualaf Profesionals and Mualaf Friendly Profesionals as well. For now it’s called Putra Profesional Club. As suggested by Tan Sri Dr Yusof Noor, to change the Saudara Baru status to Al Munawar (Illuminated) which sounds more Profesional.

Dr Shahridzan, the IDIPKL Coordinator for this event told me, we got to have Mualaf Profesionsls meet up. We had a small chat prior to this event and the sole purpose is probably going to be, this platform will be an alternative platform, a Voice for the non Muslim Profesionals to have great dialogue with the Muslim Profesionals. At Profesional level.

No more fist fighting, street demonstrations, false accusations and incomplete information, that includes wrong judgement whenever an Islam issue crops up. Insya Allah, I am supporting this Profesional Muslim platforms because its time to have such alternative. What say you?

(Also present Hafiz Hiew, Celebrity Abang Sobri Yunos & Sister Adriana, Corporate figures and successful entrepreneurs).

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